Protect your home from pests with pest control services

Ticks are one of the most usual household pests that homeowners try to exterminate from their residence. But not only are these pests undesirable guests — they often create a health risk.

We use the most Eco-sensitive methods to efficiently reduce the tick population on your property. We medicate areas most vulnerable to tick activity and consistently offer you with recommendations based on findings during our routine inspections. Removing leaf litter and lessening overgrown shrubbery are just some of the best practices you can do along with our efforts to reduce risk to ticks.

Homeowners have relied on Right Choice Pest Control for pest protection services. We use safe methods to reduce the tick populations in your home!

tick controlProtect Against Lyme Disease

Ticks are tiny arachnids that dine on the blood of warm-blooded animals such as cats, mice, dogs and, of course, people. A tick will cinch onto the skin, dig in its feeding mechanism, and then bite. When the tick is satisfied, it increases in size. Then it lets it self go to redo the cycle again later.

Lyme disease is created by the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi and is spread to humans by the chomp of infected deer ticks. Steps to hinder Lyme disease include removing ticks early, utilizing insect repellent, and integrated pest management. The ticks that transmit Lyme disease can occasionally pass on some tick-borne diseases also.

Proper Tick Solutions

Tick extermination reduces the number of possible ticks in your yard. First, our technicians will check out your yard for any active spots. Once those are managed, a pesticide will be administered around the home, particularly in those places where most ticks hide.

Once done, our technicians will give you suggestions on how to prevent ticks from returning by teaching you some preventive measures.

Full Service Pest Solutions for Your Home

Have other than just a tick issue? Don’t worry, Right Choice Pest Control is able to provide a variety of extermination fixes. We work with residential and commercial customers to exterminate rats, termites, scorpions, roaches, bed bugs, and other pests. As a reliable pest management company, Right Choice Pest Control is passionate in satisfying clients at an reasonable price.