Protect your home from pests with pest control services

Each of us knows that there is an abundance of rats in the city, but knowing they’re present and having them in your home are two very varied things. Rodents spread disease and do expensive damage to property. Precise treatment to exterminate them is crucial. If you believe that there are rats or mice are in your home or business property, Right Choice Pest Control can help. We have years of experience removing rodents and performing highly efficient exclusion work.

rat controlOur Rodent Control Services

Deciding how rodents can have access is an imperative step in eliminating them from your home or business. Our service technician will check every nook and cranny to identify possible entry points.

Once we know where the likely entrances are, we’ll start treatment. Whether you have a mouse or rat issue, we have several treatment options at our disposal. Trapping and baiting are two traditional treatment methods used at the exterior of the property to prohibit rodents from getting inside. We also utilize a product named tracking powder that is highly potent and only accessible to licensed pest control technicians.

Rodent Exclusion

One of the most crucial parts of rodent control is ensuring that rodents can’t have the means to get inside your home or business. It’s important that we block up their entry points, making it as tough as possible for them to get back in. Rodents are exemplary chewers, so we use items that are hard for them to chomp through, such as copper mesh and steel wool, to seal up entry points.

If you are experiencing a rodent issue, contact the local rodent control specialists at Right Choice Pest Control right away to schedule rodent control services for your property!