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Faced with a termite infestation in your home or office? At Right Choice Pest Control, a termite exterminator will be delighted to perform termite control treatment on your residential or commercial property to remove any termite infestation.

When an exterminator shows up at your home, the first step in our pest control method is to educate you about termites. The eastern subterranean termite, frequently found, is small and white that is less than ¼ inches. The insect, usually, avoids light and goes for moist wood. If a termite exterminator sees tiny fecal pellets of digested wood, he understands that it is a clear indication of a termite infestation.

termite controlWhat places do termites normally invade?

Termites often invade in the cellar or basement areas of your home. It is usual to find termites in the constitutional timbers directly above your basement wall, door frames and wood posts installed in concrete floor. During the sunny months, termites love chimneys, furnaces, chimneys, and hot water heaters.

Termite Control

Large termite infestations happen in the spring when reproductive males and females depart from the nest to mate and disperse. The size of the colony can stretch to a millions of workers and various buildings can be attacked by a single colony.

Workers have a pale white, small, soft bodies which are less than ¼ inches. The soldiers are lesser in number, larger and with a big head and mandibles. The female and male reproductives are black in color with four pairs of clear wings. The wings drop off as soon as mating is done and they may cram near windows and wherever there is light.

Common Areas For Termite Infestations

Wood such as steps, posts, door frames, and trim established in a concrete floor is especially vulnerable to termite infestations. Where the termite infestation is broad, the framework and siding of the walls can be damaged: this is the usual case for houses which are built on concrete slabs.

If you believe your house is invaded with termites, it is crucial to call Right Choice Pest Control as soon as you can. There may be unknown structural damage to your home or office.