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Between the highways and tall buildings sometimes we don’t see that in the middle of all this concrete that we’re constantly surrounded by critters. Squirrels go up the trees, rodents scurry under our homes, and other furry animals scatter in the area. All of these animals lug around fleas, and it’s easy for these fleas to jump off and find their way into your home.

Fleas are parasites who survive by living on other animals. A flea can effortlessly leap unnoticed onto you or your pet. Once fleas get inside your home, they can hide themselves deep in upholstery or carpets and start laying eggs. Int his process can an infestation can begin.

flea controlA flea can produce 500 eggs in its life cycle. If you get a flea in your home within a week, a single flea can become thousands. We’ve witnessed infestations so dreadful that when fleas immediately flocked to our pants while entering the premises. The worst thing about fleas is that they bite. Flea bites are not only annoying, but can also be deadly. Fleas can quickly suck enough blood from small animals such as kittens which can result to life-threatening anemia. Many felines are also greatly allergic to flea saliva, and a bite can cause them to break out an agonizing rash. A sufficient amount flea bites can even be devastating to vulnerable animals.

How to Get Rid of Fleas

A vet can suggest a flea treatment for your pet, which is definitely an essential part of getting rid of fleas, but that only remedies a small part of the problem. The first thing to acknowledge is that there will never be just one flea. Flea populations spread rapidly and group near food sources. Fleas have a complicated life cycle, starting from egg to larval and pupal stages before becoming the adult nuisances we all know. It’s only the adult fleas that you can easily see and recognize, since all the other life stages are too tiny to easily see with the naked eye. But adult fleas only resemble about 10% of a flea population. So, for every adult flea you smash with your fingernails, there are nine more in non-adult fleas scattered around your house and yard. To remove fleas, you have to get rid of the whole family.

Flea Treatment

Fleas love dim cracks, corners and crevices. They will hide themselves deep in carpets or upholstery, and dig deep in mattresses and pillows. Daily vacuuming can help lessen flea populations, but vacuums may not be potent enough to suck out all fleas hidden deep in upholstery. Effective, reliable flea treatment is the best way to eliminate the 90% of fleas in your dwelling that you don’t see.

Fleas love warm weather means that fleas are cozy outside most of the year. Grass, plants, and crevices in the pavement are all area where fleas can lay eggs and grow to jump out when they become adults. You can’t medicate the whole city, but keeping a flea-free area will lessen the probability of getting an infestation.

Complete Flea Control

To effectively control fleas it’s crucial to treat the entire environment – indoors and outdoors. Even if your veterinarian has provided you a flea treatment for your pets, the crux to prohibiting an infestation from happening is to kill the eggs. Right Choice Pest Control provides efficient flea control and extermination services, we look at your environment to ensure that we have a flea control solution is perfect for you. Our trained flea control experts can offer a thorough inspection of your home and your yard, determining areas where fleas are likely to nest and breed and form a customized flea control plan based on your requirements.