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Besides mosquitoes being a discomfort and disturbing casual backyard fun, these tiny insects can be carriers of some dangerous diseases. Mosquitoes are more than just an nuisance when they bite someone’s exposed skin.

As one of the most harmful pests, they can carry grave diseases that can harm both humans and animals. Mosquitoes can disrupt outdoor activities such as grilling, playing in the yard, and gardening. And with the right settings, a backyard can be the most suitable breeding ground for mosquitoes. Lessening the number of mosquitoes throughout the perimeter of your home is important for your health and comfort.

mosquito control
Mosquitoes are exceptionally resilient insects although they can be fragile in appearance. They can be easily determined by their slender bodies with long legs, one pair of scaled wings, and a quarter-inch length. The type of adult mosquito that is accountable for the West Nile Virus is usually grayish brown and lacks distinctive markings. Female mosquitoes sip blood from an assortment of animals. They ordinarily rest during the day and feed during dusk or nighttime.

Our Mosquito Control

Right Choice Pest Control’s goal is to determine and treat resting places of mature mosquitoes. Such areas in your yard may include tall grasses, trees, low-lying shrubs, bushes and piles of leaves. Treatments are expected to temporarily lessen mosquito activity. Our mosquito control programs eliminate mosquitoes where they thrive and breed, while also be friendly to your children, the environment and your pets.

For the safety of your loved ones and for your peace of mind, Right Choice Pest Control offers mosquito services that will fit the requirements of your yard and lifestyle, aiding you in enjoying the outdoors year-round! Mosquito treatments can be conducted with traditional products, eco-friendly products, in accordance to preference and location. A mosquito service will also include medicating stagnant water on the affected property with a potent larvicide.

Mosquito Control Technicians

Each mosquito removal process lasts approximately 21 days, and we suggest monthly service at your property amidst spring and fall. A certified mosquito control technician can be arranged to treat your yard every month with an ongoing service contract. It takes relatively 20-30 minutes to treat a usual sized yard, while larger yards may take more time. Our trained mosquito control professionals are dedicated to getting rid of mosquitoes so that you can appreciate being outside again.

Take back your joy of the outdoors by hiring a professional mosquito exterminator from Right Choice Pest Control. Our mosquito control technician can be sent to your home rapidly with service appointments consistently scheduled in a timely manner. Each and every mosquito expert is accredited and highly trained with the capability to stop even the baddest infestations in its tracks. A mosquito exterminator from Right Choice Pest Control will only use treatment procedures that are quick, effective, and safe. Saying farewell to irritating mosquitoes forever is only one phone call away.