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There’s nothing great about doves, pigeons, crows and other birds when they take shelter in and around your property. If you can prohibit them from nesting sites or hinder them from landing, it will go a long way toward eradicating the problem.

Right Choice Pest Control has a history of aiding businesses with bird removal from warehouses and other kinds of properties. We’ve got the bird solutions that will eliminate your problem and keep them from returning. Even if you’ve hired other bird control companies before, get advice from our professional team. There’s apparently much more we can do to clear up your problem.
Bird Control

Signs of Bird Infestation

Is it one bird or thirty or more? It’s difficult to count. Yet the effects are visible. Droppings are destroying the atmosphere of your business. Bird feces are soiling the boxes in your home or warehouse. Droppings are descending onto workers who are just doing their tasks at the work site. Perhaps there might be even a mite infestation brought by the unwanted birds.

Wood is destroyed from birds who find small holes and turn them into large ones This will invite other unwanted guests such as rodents and cockroaches. Holes on the roof can also welcome the rain. There’s a lot of scratching and squawking. The birds in the wall were so deafening in one area office that they couldn’t hear their customers on the phone. Now, that’s a dilemma that only bird control companies can deal with.

Effects of Bird Infestation

With some birds leaving their droppings and making loud noises, an attractive business area becomes an atrocity. A beautiful building is blotched. This can create a decline in property prices. The bird-related damage is definitely a liability. It may also cause more expenses when it comes to roof repair.

Droppings are so abundant to be a health hazard. Even if no employee or client complains, it can have a negative effect on morale. Cafes and food companies may flop during a health inspection.

It’s a constant hassle for managers who deal with the negative impacts on their business. Instead of thinking on ways to improve, they are concentrated on the damage caused by unwanted guests. You need the team at Right Choice Pest Control. We’ve got the answers to your bird issues.

Effective Bird Deterrent, Removal and Exclusion

When you find yourself is spending too much time worrying about birds on the roof, it’s time to get tough about bird removal. We will help you resolve the infestation. We are experienced when it comes to home and warehouse bird control. We toil with both industrial and retail properties to remove pest birds and to prevent them from coming back.

Our methods include certified techniques such as spikes to prohibit birds from landing. We will close off each possible entry point on your property. Our strategies stop nesting and other behaviors that can compel to a colony of pests on your roof.

Pigeon Removal

You’ll know that you have a Pigeon nesting problem, if you begin to see them in flocks cooing to one another. If you wait around long enough, you’ll notice that they are waiting around for food. Droppings will also begin to accumulate wherever they are nesting outside your home. These annoying birds love to nest on top of slanted shingle-roofs, chimneys, attics, lofts and more. If you don’t see dropping but are aware of some type of nesting issue, try to look around for piles of sticks, twigs and even grass. This is a surefire sign that Pigeons have invaded your home.