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The most usual and widespread scorpion found is the Striped Bark scorpion. Many homeowners are very well acquainted with these stinging pests, but there is more details about this creepy-crawly pest than their stinger.

Striped Scorpions Removal

scorpion controlStriped Bark scorpions differ in color depending on their age and habitat, but most of them are dark orangish-brown with golden accents. They are a bit darker in color than other species of scorpions. They are popularly known for their two black stripes that goes down their back.

An average striped scorpion measures about 2 ½ inches in dimension. A male striped scorpion has a longer tail than a female one, and is more slender than other species of scorpion.

Where Are Striped Scorpions Found?

Striped scorpions are commonly found all around of south central and south-west United States. You can see them living under boards, rocks, and other debris in your yard. Moreover, they like to stay put inside the crevices and cracks of stone walls, stones, bricks, and other landscaping lineament. These places are usually referred to as scorpion apartments by us in the pest control industry.

Inside your home, you will encounter striped scorpions living inside attics, wall voids, and any other hidden location. They are most aggressive at night, and that’s when most human confrontations happen.

What Do Striped Scorpions Eat?

Striped scorpions do not dug holes, but rather they explore; foraging for food especially. Their favorite snack happens to be a cockroach or a cricket, although they will also devour a lot of other types of insects. They abduct their prey with their pinchers. While pinning down their meal, they attack with their stingers to paralyze it. Once paralyzed, it’s chow time!

Dealing With Scorpions

It can be hard to determine precisely how many scorpions you may have adopted inside your home. One way to verify is to explore your home during the evening with a blacklight flashlight. Scorpions will usually glow neon blue when hit with a blacklight, and will jump right out for you to observe. If you are seeing a large number of scorpions, it’s best to call a scorpion control expert.

A scorpion control professional is updated on all of the current methods of control, including dusting outlets, voids and attics with a special formula. Call Right Choice Pest Control for scorpion control services today!