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EcoMosquito offers safe pest control solutions in Burlington, MA. If you’re less-than-satisfied with the results from chemical sprays or you’re looking for a more eco-friendly way to eradicate mosquitos from your backyard or outdoor area around any commercial building, EcoMosquito has a safe and effective method that will fit your budget. Safe pest control doesn’t have to be expensive; we use botanical oils and proactive measures to get rid of pesky mosquitos for good. Find out more when you click ‘About Mosquitos’.

What Works better Than Sprays For Mosquitos?

Home and business owners have been told by pest control companies for decades that the only effective way to eradicate pests is to spray. The fact is, chemical spraying is one of the least effective ways to control nuisance insects and bugs. At EcoMosquito, we’ve developed a line of safe, herbal products that do a better job of keeping pests away- and the good news is that our products are safe to use around your family, guests, customers, and pets. Benefits of calling EcoMosquito include:

  • Pest control that comes with a satisfaction guarantee
  • No toxins to breathe in or harm beneficial insects and wildlife
  • Affordable rates
  • We can handle even the most challenging mosquito infestations
  • Solutions for wet areas
  • Reduces the risk of mosquito-borne illness
  • No harmful effects on the environment

Do Skin Sprays Work to Deter Mosquitos

Skin sprays are very effective in keeping mosquitos from biting; however, spraying a poison on your skin is not the right answer to a mosquito problem. Even natural and organic skin sprays come with some risks since they can cause skin reactions and clog the pores. At EcoMosquito, we are pleased to offer your community safe pest control solutions in Burlington, MA. Mosquitos stay away because without the need to use any over-the-counter products, so you’re free to enjoy the outdoors again.

Multiple Application Areas

Whether you’re dealing with problematic mosquitos outside of your home, around a commercial business, or outside of a retirement home or community, EcoMosquito can come out, evaluate the situation, and apply a botanical solution that will bring relief quickly. Stop staying indoors during peak mosquito presence hours and speak with one of our pest control pros right away. You can leave us a message through our website or simply call to schedule service.

Safe Pest Control Solutions in Burlington, MA

You may have heard our name spoken in circles at work or among friends and wondered what an eco pest control service was all about. We’d love the opportunity to provide additional information and answer your questions when you reach out to us at EcoMosquito. Knowing that our mosquito control is safe around children and pets can provide peace of mind that your outdoor areas are a secure play place. Our services are cost-effective, too, eliminating the need to burn mosquito candles or invest in costly store-bought products that only work for a short amount of time.

Safe Pest Control Solutions Burlington Ma



Safe Pest Control Solutions Burlington Ma

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