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How To Get Bed Bugs Out Of Your Car

Is Your Car Filled With Pests?

Vehicles, camper-vans, buses and trucks, supply numerous pests with a warm dry environment that typically contains food. Automobiles can also provide these pests with transport, spreading out the insects to any place the vehicle takes a trip.

Pests such as ants, spiders, fleas, roaches and rodents (rats and mice) can infest automobiles in the same way they infest homes.

Cavities in automobiles can supply warm dry places for ants to build nests and they will frequently discover food dropped in the automobile.

Spiders find the spaces around wing mirrors and door jams the perfect places to hide and develop webs around mirrors and other parts on the vehicle.

Rodents will nest in cars left parked for extended periods and might do considerable damage to vehicle electrical wiring and upholstery (not to mention the stink when they die in the lorry).

Another pesky creature that can get into cars is the dreadful Bed Bug.

Bed bugs invade cars and trucks and other types of vehicles. They are extraordinary hitchhikers! These many legged animals sneak into automobiles via clothes, handbags, boxes and cartons, luggage and even books and stuffed animals. They enjoy clutter and choose living near a convenient host, You!

Other pests and even little animals can infest vehicles and are generally drawn in because of something stored in the vihicle.

Here are a couple of tips for keep attacking insects out of your automobiles.

Keep Your Car Clean!

Be sure to keep your car tidy and eliminate clutter on a regular basis. This is the very best way to discourage pests from making themselves in the house. Tidy the outdoors too. Do not forget to clean the undercarriage, wheel wells and under the hood. Your wheels are a critters bridge from the road into the automobile.

Use a power vacuum

Make sure to keep your carpets and mats incredibly clean! If you do not have a great strong vacuum, use the pay-per-use vacuums at a gas station or vehicle wash.


Shampoo or steam tidy carpets and other fabrics.

Natural repellents

Making a solution of vinegar and lemon or vanilla is an excellent way to keep bugs and spiders away. Just wipe surfaces with a 50/50 option. There are other herbs that likewise turn away unwanted visitors, such as eucalyptus. Always evaluate the surface area to be treated initially to ensure the service does not do any damage.


Always follow the label instructions and employ suggested safety measures. When the vehicle is all tidy, spray a little under each flooring mat; just enough to keep insects away but not to overpower you with its smell or fumes. If you keep your vehicle outside, spray around the border of your car.

If you know or think you have an invasion on your hands, understand that a DIY approach will not always be the best solution. You should call a pest exterminator to handle your pest issue or it could get a whole lot worse.